Centene’s mission of transforming the health of the communities we serve, one person at a time, requires us to maintain our members’ trust.


We are committed to earning the trust of our members, employees, and business partners by responsibly managing and protecting their confidential information. Our information security and privacy programs are built to support that goal. Our Enterprise Data Privacy Program (PDF) describes the measures we take to protect information and how individuals may exercise their data privacy rights under applicable regulations.

Federal, state, and international regulations, in addition to contract obligations, create a highly regulated environment in which our business operates. In order to do so, we maintain comprehensive information security and privacy programs which allow for full compliance with these regulations. Additionally, our programs are assessed annually in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, HITECH Act, and the UK GDPR. Our information security program conforms with ISO 27001 and is certified by an accredited organization.

Advanced technology allows Centene to support our members and business partners effectively and supports our ongoing strategy. Therefore, we offer training on information security and privacy annually. We communicate security awareness items in multiple formats to our employees including awareness of the importance of timely notification of potential security and privacy issues. In addition, we offer specialized training based on role for our employees as their engagement with members comes in many forms.

Transparency to our efforts, controls, and capabilities allows for effective oversight from the Board of Directors. Centene’s Chief Security & Privacy Officer is responsible for overseeing cybersecurity within the company and reporting security and privacy matters to Centene’s Board of Directors. The Audit and Compliance Committee receives updates on compliance, risk, and ethics items at each quarterly meeting, which also includes privacy and information security updates.

As a healthcare organization with operations across the world, we are committed to maintaining a globally compliant privacy and information security program that aligns with international best practices and standards.

Centene is at the forefront of technological advances, including advances in data privacy and security. Learn more about our approach to technology directly from our IT teams.