At Centene, we are leading the way in shaping a better world of healthcare.

Through our innovative whole-health solutions and strategic partnerships, we continue to lead the way as a premier government-sponsored healthcare enterprise.

With our members’ diverse needs at the forefront of everything we do, we continued on our growth trajectory in 2019 by diversifying capabilities, enhancing opportunities, driving significant revenue, and expanding margins.

- Michael Neidorff, Chairman President, & Chief Executive Officer


2019 At A Glance


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Board of Directors

Centene Board of Directors in 2019

Centene’s Board of Directors provides exceptional business and healthcare insight that has helped shape our corporate culture of accountability, ethics, and integrity.

Back row: Frederick H. Eppinger, David L. Steward, John R. Roberts, Lori J. Robinson, Tommy G. Thompson

Front row: Orlando Ayala, Jessica L. Blume, Michael F. Neidorff, Richard A. Gephardt, Robert K. Ditmore

Following the successful acquisition of WellCare, Centene is pleased to add new members James Dallas and William Trubeck to our Board of Directors.


Impact on Population Health

Central to our purpose is ensuring that each member has access to the right care, at the right place, at the right time. We understand that healthcare is never one size fits all, which is why our population health and clinical operations are rooted in holistic healthcare and our uniquely local approach.

Integrating physical and behavioral health gives a full picture of a member’s life and circumstances. Addressing non-medical barriers to care, also called social determinants of health, is critical to improving the health of individuals and families.

Centene’s medical directors are practicing physicians, ensuring that they stay up to date on current tools and treatment options. Medical directors work closely with our provider networks to ensure the best possible care for our members while leading the development of cutting-edge clinical programs for diverse populations. Going beyond the immediate medical needs of our members, Centene advances the broader health of the community.

Tackling Modern Health Risks

seniors exercising in studio
By 2030, one out of every five Americans will be older than 65. To assist this population, Centene’s Fall Prevention program provides resources that help older adults maintain their independence.

Centene understands that modern challenges to staying healthy require modern solutions, and caring for millions of members is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Keeping communities healthy involves providing access to fresh food, promoting an active lifestyle, and educating members at risk of adverse health outcomes.

Today, the risks of tobacco use, vaping, and prescription drug abuse have never been more clear. The U.S. opioid epidemic spans urban, suburban, and rural communities. OpiEnd™, Centene’s clinical program addressing opioid misuse, uses data-driven integrated care management, member education, pharmacy policies, provider engagement, and community outreach interventions to manage pain and prevent opioid misuse. Furthermore, Centene partners with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) to deliver to providers online trainings focused on best practices for the treatment of opioid use disorder. To date, more than 320 Centene-partnered providers have completed training for buprenorphine waiver requirements.

As demographics shift, risks change. Following our most recent acquisition, Centene provides healthcare coverage to approximately 1 million Medicare members, and promoting fall prevention is a significant part of our commitment to keeping an aging population healthy. Centene recently applied the CDC’s STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries) program to assess members’ environmental, biological, and behavioral fall risk factors. Centene’s Fall Prevention program identifies at-risk members and educates them on fall severity while providing resources for prevention, keeping homes safe, and discussing fall risks with providers.

Centene utilizes machine learning to proactively identify members at risk of opioid dependency while offering providers online trainings that assist in the treatment of opioid abuse.


Cross-Industry Partnership

Centene continues to lead not only in novel clinical program design but also in forming partnerships focused on treatments for chronic conditions. At the enterprise level, Centene will fund up to $100 million over 10 years in research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis to accelerate research into treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity. All are common, debilitating, and often deadly diseases that affect millions of people worldwide, at all levels of income. The partnership will leverage the university’s cutting-edge research and biomedical capabilities, resulting in the development and implementation of affordable and accessible treatment options. With consistent management of chronic conditions, Centene helps eliminate obstacles preventing individuals from receiving the care they deserve.


Managed Care Technology

Predicting adverse health scenarios enables providers and patients to get a jump on heading off a health crisis. Our innovative technology refines, tailors, and improves how members manage their health. Scalable tools, such as Interpreta and TruCare, help us gather and analyze information, giving providers a comprehensive picture of our members' healthcare needs.

Centene engages artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology to better serve our members. Centene's robotics program is transforming the way we do business, especially in the realm of claims processing. Leveraging robotics improves our ability to process complex claims faster and more efficiently, while driving improved quality and paving the way for next-generation capabilities.

With advancements in health-focused technology, it's become easier to connect members and providers and enable the orchestration of timely, high-quality healthcare while preventing drastic health events. Interpreta, Centene's powerful analytics engine, continuously updates, interprets, and synchronizes clinical and genomics data, creating a personalized roadmap of person-centered care. Interpreta immediately identifies medical red flags and can ping real-time messages to providers.

Interpreta interprets clinical data and can analyze 12 million medical data points in less than one minute.

women in wheelchair with dog working on laptop 


Virtual Medicine

Supported by new technology, we’re increasing the ways healthcare can be delivered. With advancements in virtual medicine, Centene’s health plans are able to bring healthcare closer to vulnerable populations.

Virtual medicine helps ease the barriers of travel time, traditional appointment scheduling, and overcrowded emergency rooms. All of Centene’s product lines provide access to virtual medicine or are in the pilot stages of expanding member access. Members are able to see board-certified physicians or behavioral health providers regardless of physical location or scheduling constraints. Particularly for members living in areas where specialty care options can be limited, virtual medicine means healthcare is a click away.


Caring for the Whole Person

We believe that health is driven by the conditions in which our members were born, live, work, and age. Addressing social determinants of health relies on innovative interventions that improve outcomes for people facing acute and/or chronic health conditions while preventing certain health conditions before they develop.

Centene’s Social Health Bridge™ connects community-based organizations with healthcare entities to address non-medical barriers to health, resulting in an effective and easy way to connect people with critical resources. Internally, Centene established a Social Determinants of Health Innovation Team that works closely with health plan leadership to share over 200 initiatives that address social determinants of health across all Centene products and membership.

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, more than 3.6 million people miss healthcare appointments each year due to transportation issues, costing the healthcare industry approximately $150 billion annually. In 2019, Centene worked with rideshare industry leaders to pilot non-emergency transportation programs in seven states.


Removing Barriers and Serving our Communities

At Centene, social responsibility is not a single corporate program or initiative. It is at the core of who we are and what we do, and is a living expression of Centene’s purpose. We are proud of our corporate citizenship and regularly invest in the communities where our members and employees live, work, and play. Our organization has long understood that improving the health and well-being of individuals helps create vibrant and healthy communities.

In line with Centene’s history of and steadfast commitment to removing disability access barriers in healthcare, our Provider Accessibility Initiative (PAI) was launched in 2018. We were honored to be recognized by FORTUNE with a No. 7 ranking on its 2019 Change the World List. Designed in collaboration with Centene’s National Disability Advisory Council and the National Council on Independent Living, PAI transitions healthcare delivery into a fully accessible system for people with disabilities. Centene was also awarded the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) 2019 Health Equity Award in recognition of the PAI.

2019 Accreditations & Awards

Centene continues to gain national and international recognition for growth and innovation, as well as for our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Centene continues to gain national recognition for growth and innovation, as well as for our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

  • Ranked No. 51 on FORTUNE® 500 List (2019):
    Centene Ranks No. 51 on the 2019 FORTUNE 500® list of largest U.S. corporations by revenue, up from No. 61 in 2018. Since first entering the list in 2010, Centene has climbed 435 spots. 
  • Ranked No. 168 on FORTUNE® Global 500 List (2019):
    Centene ranks No. 168 on the 2019 FORTUNE Global 500® list of the world’s largest corporations by revenue. Since first entering the list in 2016, Centene has risen 302 spots.
  • Ranked #7 on FORTUNE® Change the World List (2019):
    Centene ranks No. 7 on the FORTUNE 2019 Change the WorldTM list of 52 companies meeting unmet needs around the globe. The ranking recognizes Centene’s Provider Accessibility Initiative, which aims to transition healthcare delivery into a fully accessible system for people with disabilities.
  • FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies:
    For the second consecutive year, Centene has been selected one of FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies™, a recognition chosen by industry executives, directors, and analysts asked to rate enterprises in their own industry on nine criteria, from investment value and quality of management and products to social responsibly and ability to attract talent.
  • Gender-Equality Index:
    Centene is listed on the Bloomberg 2020 Gender- Equality Index for our strong dedication to gender equality and the advancement of women in the workplace.
  • Disability Equality:
    Centene is again recognized as a top employer by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD).


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