Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Resilient Health Systems and Policy



Michael Niedorff at WEF in Davos, Switzerland

Centene's participation in the 2020 World Economic Forum marked the ninth year that our Chairman, President, and CEO, Michael Neidorff, joined industry leaders in Davos, Switzerland, to shape global agendas. As leaders examined how to effectively build more resilient and responsive health systems, it remained clear that transformation will be led by innovation, technology, education and increasing access to affordable medicine, care, and services.

In addition to taking part in a panel discussion on Building Resilient Health Systems, Centene also partnered with The Economist to host a conversation on Healthcare: The Art and Science of Policymaking.

Improving our current healthcare system and creating a more sustainable health environment is a priority for global leaders looking to revolutionize policies and improve patient outcomes. The ever-evolving need for high-quality healthcare will not be accomplished by a single entity, but demands collaboration between companies and governments to create scalable and sustainable solutions.

As Centene continues to invest in sophisticated new technologies, these advancements will complement, not replace, the role highly-skilled providers and community health workers play in caring for our members. The increasing availability of insightful analytics will help providers diagnose, treat, and prescribe more effectively. Additionally, this information allows physicians to educate and engage our members so they can be actively involved in improving their own health.

Innovative technology also supports Centene's commitment to local activation by helping deliver tailored care to people and communities by identifying their most pressing needs. The growing need for real-time data to recognize areas of infectious diseases, outbreaks, and resistance is particularly evident right now with the spread of the coronavirus and the flu. Consistent collaboration among communities worldwide will make the mission of better individual and population health a reality.

While there is no one approach to building a resilient health system, much of what the future holds has always been at the core of Centene's values. Affordable access to care, utilizing technology to improve outcomes, adaptability, community engagement, sustainability, and building trust with our members have all been part of our DNA since inception. As a multinational enterprise, Centene stands on the front lines of the global effort to revolutionize healthcare. While we continue to innovate and embrace technological progress, it is our responsibility to never lose sight of our purpose of transforming the lives of those we serve.