Recognizing Diabetes Awareness Month & Helping Members Improve Health Outcomes

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November is internationally recognized as Diabetes Awareness Month and for the more than 37 million Americans living with diabetes and nearly 96 million who are prediabetic, advancements in technology, health management, and access to care are vital to combatting this chronic condition. Diabetes develops when the body is unable to correctly use sugar, or glucose, creating high levels of sugar in the blood. If left unmanaged, diabetes can lead to long-term complications including nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, limb amputations and vision problems. Centene cares for more than 1.6 million members at-risk for or diagnosed with diabetes, making it essential to establish proactive and comprehensive diabetes management solutions to improve the lives of those managing this condition and prevent progression.

At Centene, our care management teams are at the forefront of providing regular education and support to increase member knowledge about the disease and how to access resources to empower them in better managing their diabetes and health. Through telephonic and digital outreach, members are connected to educational resources and planning tools that not only inform them about the importance of living a healthy physical life, but also how to access behavioral health, medication management, and community resources to address their whole health.

In local communities across the nation, our health plans’ Member Connections team receives certified community health worker training about diabetes self-management and connect with members in their homes and community settings to assist them in accessing the health tools they need to keep their diabetes under control. Local engagement and delivery of care has been a pillar of Centene’s member engagement outreach from its inception, recognizing that nuances of local communities can create unique barriers to achieving optimal health. As an example, in Texas, Superior Health Plan has further enhanced its diabetes management program to include solutions that impact daily diabetes management.  By partnering with a visiting physicians association, members are able to obtain in-home medical support and medication adherence assistance. A partnership with a local grocery chain provides the opportunity for nutritional counseling at the point of decision within the store, encouraging healthy food choices and education surrounding the importance of diet in overall diabetes management.

Centene’s equity-centered approach to enhance existing best practices in diabetes management and early disease identification incorporates investments in advancing predicative data modeling and streamlining an end-to-end diabetic journey for members. By better understanding the barriers members face in accessing health support resources and intervening at the earliest point of diagnosis, we look to provide members with the tools they need to understand their disease, proactively manage their health, and live their lives to the fullest.