New Resources to Help the Disability Community Affected by COVID-19

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old man holding cane with both hands

As part of Centene's steadfast commitment to serving vulnerable populations, it's vital that we support the disability community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A new series of initiatives are part of Centene's effort to ensure providers and organizations have the resources to care for members with disabilities during the global pandemic and beyond.

These initiatives reinforce Centene's commitment to serving all of our members equally, while ensuring the support of individuals with disabilities, their caregivers, and their providers. To confirm Centene has the most up-to-date information for our members, we’re establishing an Emergency Registry for members with long-term services and supports.

We’re working closely with our partners from the Centers for Independent Living (CIL) to augment our service coordination activities for members. Our CIL partners recruit, train, and deploy a specialized emergency care workforce for members with disabilities who require in-home assistance. Additional skills training and support will be available, including personal protective equipment distribution, increased outreach to members, and help sourcing needed items. For members living in COVID-19 "super sites," local CILs will establish onsite disability liaisons to help navigate new challenges. 

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, it's important to recognize the array of support systems that have been disrupted. Centene is providing grants to Area Agencies on Aging to enable grocery and meal deliveries for members with disabilities who are unable to access nutritious food. Also, Centene is matching funds in partnership with workforce development boards and other safety net organizations to prepare them for a career in healthcare to support the direct care workforce and newly unemployed individuals.

In line with our history of removing healthcare barriers, Centene launched the Provider Accessibility Initiative (PAI) to help people living with disabilities access quality healthcare. A new PAI COVID-19 Web Series will provide timely recommendations on how providers and organizations can deliver disability-competent care during the pandemic and beyond.

For those seeking benefits from the Small Business Administration (SBA) through the CARES Act, Centene is offering training and assistance. Trainings include webinars and additional support to help long-term service providers and other safety net organizations gain access to government-sponsored small business loans.

As a national leader in managed long-term services and supports, we recognize the unique needs and preferences of individuals with disabilities. Our commitment to removing barriers to healthcare for all we serve is an integral component of Centene's purpose-driven work.