Native American Heritage Month: Engaging the Diverse Communities We Serve

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Native American Heritage Month text with Centene logo

Centene is proud to celebrate the rich and diverse traditions and histories of our Native American employees, members, providers and communities during Native American Heritage Month.

Centene's health plans and specialty companies are dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare while recognizing the social and cultural experiences of our diverse communities. Centene's Tribal Relations, Liaisons and Programs teams across the country bring their experiences and knowledge as members of the Native American community to best deliver on our purpose of transforming the health of all members in ways that are culturally important to them.

It is significant to note that the Native American community frequently contends with issues that prevent individuals from accessing quality medical care, confirmed by studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These issues include cultural barriers, geographic isolation, and poor living conditions. Data shows that populations facing health inequities are often at higher risk of developing chronic health conditions. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Native Americans are at greater risk of diabetes than any other U.S. racial and ethnic group. It's vital that managed care organizations take steps to address health inequities and provide accessible, high-quality healthcare.

Centene health plans such as Arizona Complete Health, Western Sky Community Care, and Coordinated Care partner with tribal nations and tribal providers to help address health inequities and drive positive health outcomes. Arizona Complete Health holds annual Tribal Community Wellness and Awareness Conferences, attended by tribal members from across the state. Tribal Programs teams at Western Sky Community Care and Coordinated Care engage with local tribes to shape innovative approaches that break down barriers and improve access to care through solutions such as mobile tele-med services. By working together to address health inequities and educating members, we can help improve population health.

Centene further supports our commitment to representing the diverse communities in which we live, work, and serve, through the development of our talent. Centene's Multicultural Employee Inclusion Group (EIG), MOSAIC, celebrates the cultures, traditions and histories of our employees. This month, Centene's EIG members are participating in Native American Heritage Month programs around the country, including guest speakers and educational "lunch and learns" at Western Sky Community Care and MHS Indiana.

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