Sunshine Health Medical Director Focuses on Patient Care and Community Health

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Dr. Frank Anthony Crespo

Dr. Frank Anthony Crespo, Medical Director at Centene’s Florida subsidiary, Sunshine Health, believes the key to transforming communities is directly linked to the ability of healthcare systems to focus on patients and the communities where they live.

“I feel blessed with the opportunity to advocate and support populations and people who may not necessarily have a seat at the table. It is my duty to support and advocate for patients and families in need,” said Dr. Crespo. He adds he is determined to make a broader impact in healthcare. To do this, he believes next generation healthcare leaders must be equipped to cross-collaborate across all healthcare sectors and unify towards patient-centered care.

“I especially enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams to improve patient care, and I make every attempt to pull in representative voices,” he stated. Working with Sunshine Health’s pharmacy and marketing team, Dr. Crespo led the creation of a provider/member education campaign entitled At-Risk Moms Need This ASA-PP (aspirin for pregnancy, preeclampsia prevention), which focuses on increasing aspirin utilization in pregnant women at risk for preeclampsia. Dr. Crespo also works closely with the health plan’s case management department on a Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) initiative to identify and treat at-risk expectant moms with substance use disorder (SUD) and decrease NAS admissions. He also enjoys working with the quality and data management teams to help improve patient outcomes. 

Raised by a strong single parent teenage mom in diverse Miami-Dade County, it was his grandmother’s battle with cancer that sparked Dr. Crespo’s drive to become a physician. Witnessing her struggles with chemotherapy, end-of-life care, and surgical complications exposed him to a system fraught with inequities. “This is why I went into healthcare because I have a desire to improve the system,” said Dr. Crespo. “It is this increasingly complex and fragmented healthcare system that highlights a greater need to focus on patients and the communities where they live.”

Dr. Crespo’s dedication to providing quality healthcare to at-risk populations has been evident throughout his 11 years of service to South Florida. As a board-certified OB/GYN physician and Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), Dr. Crespo is most passionate about addressing social determinants of health, patient and provider education, and bridging care gaps. The values of advocacy, education, integrity, and purpose are the foundation of his leadership philosophy. With education, he believes barriers can be broken, goals can be reached, and populations can be empowered.

Dr. Crespo was recently selected as a 2021 National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) Leadership Fellow. This Centers for Disease Control-sponsored fellowship aims to address public health disparities specific to the Hispanic and Latino community. During this fellowship, he will be meeting with the White House, Health and Human Services, OMG, and Congressional representatives to discuss public health initiatives pertaining to the Hispanic population.