Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet Dr. Lisa Moreno

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Dr. Lisa Moreno

This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting the contributions of Latinx medical directors and chief medical officers across Centene health plans. Our medical directors play vital roles in everything from case review to acting as advocates for healthy behaviors to helping to shape and promote initiatives that improve the health of millions of members.

Dr. Lisa Moreno is a double board-certified Pediatrician and Allergist/Immunologist who has been with Fidelis Care for three years. Dr. Moreno has worked to promote pediatric initiatives within Fidelis and focuses on children with complex medical needs.

Indeed, the opportunity to work on those cases is one of the things that drew her to the health plan – in addition to being able to impact more than one patient at a time.

“Working at Fidelis means working on a larger scale,” Dr. Moreno said. “It has given me the opportunity to work on policy.”

Before the pandemic, Dr. Moreno, who received her medical degree from George Washington University and also holds a Master of Science in Health Service Research, Health Policy, and Epidemiology from Weill Cornell Medical College, and is a current MBA/Masters of Science in Healthcare Delivery second-year student at Weill Cornell Medical College SC Johnson School of Business, looked for opportunities to interact directly with the communities that Fidelis serves – whether that meant giving talks in Spanish at community centers or speaking to Spanish-language media outlets.

“Where there’s a cultural connection, it can help doctors and caregivers relate in a more direct fashion,” she said.

Dr. Moreno added that her Hispanic heritage has helped encourage her to be “more culturally competent for all” members. She seeks to be sensitive and aware of patients’ backgrounds and how that might inform the way they receive medical information and the impact it could have on access to care.