Ensuring Continuity of Care for Family Devastated by House Fire

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smiling family kneels on lawn

Social determinants of health are often at the core of health disparities among some of the most vulnerable populations. COVID-19 has caused additional hardship for individuals and communities already struggling to access basic necessities like food and shelter.

When Louisiana Healthcare Connections member Tesha and her family lost everything in a fire, the pandemic made it difficult for them to find housing and vital medicine for their daughter. While working remotely, employees of Centene's Louisiana health plan quickly and persistently worked to help replenish medications and secure an apartment.

In the video below, learn how Louisiana Healthcare Connections ensured the family received crucial resources to help protect their health and safety after the devastating loss.



As part of our commitment to improving our members' lives, Centene understands that health is driven by the conditions in which we were born, grow, live, work and age. We address the environmental, economic and social barriers that make it more difficult to be healthy through innovations and local interventions. Our health plans work within the communities we serve to provide access to safe housing, nutritious food, and transportation, in addition to improving other social determinants of health.

Centene's commitment to the whole health of members, including non-medical barriers to care, is evident across our enterprise. Learn more about how Centene addresses social determinants of health in our membership and in the communities we serve.