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Through Ambetter, our Health Insurance Marketplace solution, Centene provides affordable, comprehensive care for individuals and families who may not qualify for Medicaid or other government coverage.

When Ambetter member Rylan Brinkley was born completely deaf, his parents knew it was crucial to get their son the help he needed. Severe to profound hearing loss requires individual levels of attention, since each child's level of hearing loss and ideal treatment is unique. After years of not finding the care that was right for him, Ambetter care teams helped Rylan's family find cochlear implants that allowed him to hear.

In this member testimonial video, learn how Ambetter helped the Brinkley family finally find the care and services their son needed.



Centene is dedicated to finding effective solutions that respond to the complex health needs of our members, and managing a sensitive situation like hearing loss often requires customized treatment. For Rylan, it was vital that he received the right implant for the best health outcome and improved quality of life.

Unlike a hearing aid, cochlear implants don't just make sounds louder. A cochlear implant sends sound signals directly to the hearing nerve, bypassing the sections of the inner ear that contribute to hearing loss. A cochlear implant won't "cure" Rylan's hearing loss, but it allows him to make out a much wider range of sounds and take greater enjoyment in the world around him.

Centene health plans have a steadfast commitment to providing meaningful, accessible, high-quality healthcare to every member. Delivering localized care and giving individualized attention to every member improves the health of the communities we serve.