Coordinating Specialized Care and Services for Children with Special Needs

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parents push children in wheelchairs

When Magnolia Health member John Bark learned that his wife was expecting twins, the couple knew their lives were about to change. However, when their boys were born with physical and physiological disabilities, they needed more support than they could have ever predicted. That's when Centene's Mississippi health plan, Magnolia Health, stepped in to provide specialized care and services. 

Care team members worked directly with the new parents and their healthcare providers. Care professionals checked in on the twins regularly, provided wheelchairs to help with the twins' mobility, and offered financial help when the Bark family began to run of money to care for their boys.

In this member testimonial, John shares his family's journey and details of the ongoing support provided by Magnolia Health to help care for their sons. 



For children with disabilities, addressing whole health needs is vital. A child with physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral health needs often requires specialized care, and disabilities aren't always immediately visible. Physical or mental impairments that limit major life activities and affect a child's ability to care for themselves can be addressed in a number of ways.

Disabilities in children vary greatly, which is why it's crucial to have a care team with a deep understanding of complex care issues that is well-positioned to serve members with special needs. Because each child's needs are unique, no single approach to caring for children with special needs can be applied to all children, or even to those with the same type of disability.

Centene health plans have a steadfast commitment to providing meaningful, accessible, high-quality healthcare to each and every member, including those with specialized needs. That's where coordinated care makes the greatest impact, connecting specialists, primary care providers, and caregivers to attain the best, most holistic health outcomes. Learn more about Centene's commitment to whole health.