Centene Launches Provider Support Program to Help with Small Business Loan Applications

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In times of uncertainty, it's vital that we assist our partners on the front lines of healthcare. Centene has created a provider support program to help network providers who are seeking benefits from the Small Business Administration (SBA) through the CARES Act. An online portal is available for providers to research available benefits, along with resources to aid in grant writing, business loan applications, paycheck protection plans, and other programs.

In addition to the online portal, Centene will provide partners with access to webinars and key experts, including healthcare consultants, industry organizations, state government agencies, and former SBA executives. These advisors are contributing their experience and knowledge to help providers explore resources through state-offered loans and grants.

"Our providers are on the front lines every day, taking care of the most vulnerable populations," says Michael F. Neidorff, Chairman, President, and CEO. "We've launched this program to make sure our partners have the support they need to access key benefits so they can continue their fight against COVID-19."

To further support providers and healthcare organizations, Centene will reduce providers' administrative burden by eliminating the need to collect co-pays and removing authorization requirements for COVID-19-related treatment.

Centene recognizes our providers are crucial partners in the fight against COVID-19, and is committed to supporting them and the needs of those we serve. For more information on how Centene is addressing COVID-19, visit our Resource Center.