Centene and Cardinals' Redbird Rookies Team Up for Kids

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Centene employee hands out school supplies to children

For the second consecutive year, Centene teamed up with Cardinals Care Redbird Rookies--a free, noncompetitive coed baseball/softball program for kids. Cardinals Care, the St. Louis Cardinals' community foundation, improves the lives of children in the St. Louis community. Their Redbird Rookies program provides local youth with equipment, uniforms, and other benefits that extend far beyond the field. The program also provides assistance to more than 2,000 children in areas including health, education, mentoring, arts, and scholarships.

Programs like Redbird Rookies exemplify Centene's dedication to caring for the whole person, highlighting opportunities for kids in the St. Louis region. Anthony Evans, a business analyst at Centene, is a league organizer and coach for the program in the Normandy, Missouri community. 

"Redbird Rookies is more than just baseball," Evans said. "It exposes children to arts and off-field activities that they normally would not access. Several of our players have received scholarships for secondary education. I've seen many success stories as a result of this project."

Partnering with youth-centered programs illustrates Centene's enduring commitment to developing and enhancing the communities we serve. This summer, Centene employees volunteered with the Redbird Rookies during a health fair that highlighted the Readers Program, a literacy initiative, where children selected school supplies as incentives for reading. 

"The health fair is one of many ways Centene is a valuable partner in the lives and neighborhoods of our members and our youth," Evans said. "I'm proud to be part of a program that has such a positive impact on our future generations. By providing kids with access to these experiences, education, and health resources, we are helping lay a better foundation for growth and opportunity."

child receives supplies

Pictured above, a Centene employee distributes school supplies to a local Redbird Rookies participant