Advancing Environmental, Social, Health, and Corporate Governance Capabilities

Transforming Communities, Business


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As the leader in government-sponsored healthcare, Centene understands that our role has never been more essential, particularly as we consider the impact of COVID-19 around the world.

Centene was built on understanding the environmental, social, and health barriers that affect our most vulnerable populations. In early 2020, enterprise leadership assessed our approach to ESG topics, realizing that Health is a major influence on our work in that space. At Centene, ESG became ESHG to more fully reflect our broad commitment to the environment, the health and social well-being of the communities we serve, and our culture of ethics and sound corporate governance.

Centene's ESHG Strategic Framework outlines our commitments in four major areas:

  • Protect Our Planet: The health of our planet improves the health of its citizens.
  • Serve Our Communities: Partnering with organizations that align with our commitment to removing barriers to health.
  • Cultivate Healthier Lives: Provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare that helps people live healthier lives.
  • Live Our Values: Good corporate governance to ensure long-term value for our stakeholders. 

Centene is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes the health and wellbeing of our people as well as those we serve. Our culture of sound corporate governance, our commitment to the secure and responsible management of our people, our products, and our planet remains strong. For more information on Centene's ESHG efforts, visit our Corporate Sustainability page or download our 2020 ESHG Report to the Community (PDF). Centene's 2020 Annual Review (PDF) is an additional resource highlighting our strategic leadership as we provide the highest quality of care for those we serve.