The health and safety of our members, employees, and communities is our uncompromising priority.

Throughout the pandemic, Centene's top priority has been the health and safety of our members and employees. During this time, Centene has worked to expand key outreach programs and initiatives focused on promoting COVID-19 awareness, expanding testing, and encouraging members, employees, and communities to get vaccinated.

As the Omicron variants continue to spread, we recognize access to testing is critically important to help treat and reduce the spread of the virus. In response, Centene will work closely with our state and federal partners to implement the Administration’s recent guidance on testing.

Centene will cover medically necessary services for the administration of Federally approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccinations in accordance with Federal (CMS) and state requirements.

As a leading healthcare company with contracts related to the federal government, we are committed to following the federal government guidelines for vaccination requirements. To reduce the spread, ensure the health and safety of our employees and members, and help protect the vulnerable populations we serve, we have committed to taking the following steps:

  • Centene is requiring all employees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a general condition of employment.
  • All essential business contractors and subcontractors will be required to provide vaccination attestation prior to entering any Centene office.

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